Bathrooms are often renovated due to daily use, steam, water and mildew. A task like this can become a nightmare for some home users. They may find that their contractors overcharge without a good knowledge of their specialism or even worse disappear in the middle of their project. A situation like this can be very stressful for the family involved.

Imagine paying a lump sum of money only to find out that your pipes have burst in the middle of the night and your so-called contractor is nowhere to be found.

A problem like this will not only damage floors but also the insulation inside your walls. Your house may be at risk of fire as electrical equipment can spark. A damp wall can cause mould which may lead to diseases like Asthma.

Prevention is better than a cure. So don’t put your house and self at risk when looking for a bathroom renovation in Coquitlam.

Plan accordingly.

Before hiring a contractor, it is imperative that you have a plan of how you want your bathroom to look. Some workers will take you from the initial designs to the end of the project.

However, others may expect you to have a plan already prepared. It is best to be ready just in-case you are dealing with the latter.

Planning will also help you with budgeting costs. And you will be prepared for unexpected expenses. You should know what materials you will need. And if you want your contractor to purchase the materials for you.

Buying your own materials may be cost-effective. But if you are short on time, it is easier to assign those duties to a professional.


Identify if there have been any complaints about the company or person and find out exactly what these complaints are about. Don’t forget to check if the contractor is licensed and registered.

As there is usually a shortage of skilled labourers in most countries, a good proportion of them may not be highly qualified. Following this, you should always ask for references.

Double-check the contract

Before signing anything. Look through for a clause in the contract that states your deposit will be put in an escrow account. This will limit the chances that your deposit will be used for other purposes.

If you have any doubts contact a lawyer for further assistance. And don’t feel pressured to pay for anything that has not been completed.

Renovating your bathroom can be a pleasurable experience if the right steps are taken ahead of time. At HLD general contractor we support our clients from start to finish and all of our staff are fully qualified and equipped to remodel your bathroom without any hiccups. Call us on 777-488-8359 or use our contact form to request a consultation.